What's In My Pack

Here's everything I use to help tell the stories of people and trails.

Action Cameras

A wise man once said, "The best camera is the one that's with you."


GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition

While the Hero 5 and 6 offer a lot of new features, they can't beat the well-rounded performance of the Hero 4 Black. The Hero 4 has much better sound clarity out of the box, and offers excellent 4k performance. Add to that the large aftermarket support, and you have a hard time finding finding a more flexible camera.


PolarPro GoPro Frame2.0

A good set of filters for your GoPro is a must for capturing the exact look you have in your mind. PolarPro makes very high quality filters that are a great upgrade to your setup. The polarizing filter will help cut glare and really make your colors pop, while the ND filters will let you set your shutter speed low to give that smoth cine look without blowing out your image.

Evo SS

Evo SS Gimbal

Compact gimbals for action cameras are very flexible tools. I shot an entire video with just a cellphone and a hero 4 on a gimbal. The Evo SS stands out from the pack as a US based company that offers great customer service. For POV footage, time-lapse, or hand shot scenes, you'll be making a solid investment with the Evo SS.


Windscreen (Deadcat)

A big part of the viewing experience are the sounds of the trails. Wind noise can ruin a great shot and leave you tearing out your hair trying to clean up audio tracks in post. This is the best upgrade you can make to your GoPro for the money. They are also great to use on cellphones, and can be easily removed and reused if needed. 



STUNTMAN Chest Harness

If you want smooth POV footage, you need a good support system. While the GoPro Chesty is a well known option, it's not the best. The STUNTMAN Chest Harness is better than the Chesty in every possible way. It offers more mounting options, better ruggedness, and far more stable shots. Check out my review of it here.


High Speed SD Card

Most people who use a GoPro for the first time don't realize not all SD cards are created equal. 4k recording demands fast, high quality storage. You need do make sure that the write speed on your card is fast enough to keep up with the camera. The last thing you want to do is finish a crazy run and look down at your GoPro to see "SD card error". Samsung has some of the highest write speeds on the market.


For those hard to reach places.


DJI Mavic Air

While you can make an epic film without one, a drone does help give you a lot more options on where you can film. Whether its an establishing shot, or to chase a rider down the hill as they send it, the drone can get you places your boots can't. The Mavic is the perfect balance of size and features. Able to film in 4k, while still fitting in your bag with the rest of your gear!


Polar Pro DJI Mavic Filters

Just like any camera, a good set of filters will allow you to get that cinematic shot you have envisioned in your mind. While I personally use the 6-Pack filter set, this 3-pack of Polarizing filters is a more affordable option. Do not bother with the official DJI filters. They are cheap glass with flimsy plastic clips that are impossible to work with. I regret ever wasting money on them.


Cinimatic filming on the move


Panasonic GH5

This is one of the most flexible cameras on the market. It can shoot 4k at 60fps for as long as your memory card has space. It also offers 10bit 4k24 right out of the box. Match that with its relatively small size with built-in stabilization and you can capture some truly epic shots! 


B+W 77mm XS-Pro ND

B+W makes some of the best filters on the market. This Neutral Density (ND) filter lets you dial in the the right amount of light for the look you want. 


Rode VideoMicro

I know there are better microphones, and I may upgrade to them down the road. For the price and performance, I'm currently a fan of the VideoMicro. Being powered from the camera means less batteries to worry about. Its size also means it's easy to store in my camera bag.


Metabones Speed Booster XL

A great thing about using a Micro Four-thirds camera is the ability to adapt almost any lens to it. I use the Metabones Speed Booster to mount Canon lenses to my camera and still use the auto focus. The clarity of the elements doesn't distort the image, and also lets me shoot in darker environments. 


B+W 77mm XS-Pro Polarizer

Ever wonder how some people get colors to pop? They were likely using a polarizer. This is another great bit of glass from B+W that I carry.



SIRUI T2205X Carbon Tripod

For filming on the trail, you need a tripod that can hold the weight of your camera, while still being light enough to carry with you. For as light as the SIRUI is, it offers a good filming height while still being stable enough to allow you to pan and zoom without noticeable shake.


Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L

This lens pretty much lives on my camera when I'm not doing studio work. Coupled with the Metabones, the focal range and speed of this lens makes this a very flexible piece of glass. The Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 is also a great option if you need a faster lens that won't break the bank like the Canon.


B+W 77mm XS-Pro UV Filter

I don't care how careful you are, you will drop your camera at some point. When that happens, a UV filter may save your lens from being damaged. It's well worth the extra bit of money to protect your lens.


Manfrotto XPRO Fluid Head

In order to get smooth pans, you need the right tripod head. The XPRO is the right balance of functionality, weight, and price. It can support surprisingly large camera loads, while still allowing smooth shots. I can also say it's built like a tank, as it has taken a few hits from low hanging branches while strapped to my pack!